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Welcome to

Thonse Health Centre

Welcome to

Thonse Health Centre

Dive into the World Of Health & Fitness

Massage therapy

It is a practice to Knead and rub the body to give desired effects. It rejuvenates the mind, body and eliminates stress.


Hydrotherapy involves using water at different temperatures, forms, and pressure for pain relief and treating illness.


This is a Chinese method of treating diseases by inserting fine needles into specific meridian points to energize the body’s immune system.


Yoga is giving care to your body, mind and breathing and it restores the body to its Original Natural state.

Diet Therapy

Food has direct effect on your body. Diet therapy can be as outlining which foods to eat and to avoid.

Mud therapy

Mud is a natural coolant that makes it apt to regulate body heat and control stress. Mud therapy is good for relaxing your mind and body.



We take pride in telling you that we have achieved many outstanding awards and certificates for our services

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Years of Experience

We are standing firm and keeping our promise from a decade of healing your mind and body.

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Happy Health Seekers

We are improving the Quality of your life and Inspiring better health.

Doctors & Staff

Trusted expertise worldwide, loving and Caring Staff to help you feel at Home.

Benefit of natural healing

Being in Nature, or even viewing scenes of Nature, reduces Anger, Fear, and Stress and Increases Pleasant Feelings.

Exposure to Nature not only makes you feel better Emotionally but also contributes to your Physical wellbeing, reducing Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Muscle Tension, and the production of Stress Hormones. It may even reduce Mortality, according to scientists.

What Our Clients​​ Say about Us

Doreen Villamor Philippine

Everything was new to me, It was great and I feel more lighter and better. Visited splendid beach with miles and miles of sand. few tourists, fishermen's and locals playing cricket.

Fidel Maymir Spain

I had an outstanding experience with a highly effective detox. I felt as if I had gone through thorough cleansing of every single cell in my body. Everybody does there job in a highly professional manner.

Tyrza & Bagnar Designation

Our stay was short but we experienced, kindness, hospitality, and professionalism of all the staff we met fresh hand. Thonse health Centre is very highly recommended for you.

Dr.Sharanya India, Banglore

My heartful thanks to Thonse Health Centre, had a great time here. wonderful food and excellent masseurs. Would definitely come back with friends and family.

Liliana Bortolin Argentina

THC is such a treat to come back to find a much better place. It is more organized. The food is great as always. I am looking forward to my very next return.

Dr. Halaswamy & Family India, Hubli

Beautifully located, calm clean place, mini-island of backwater and sea. All nature cure treatments are done very nicely trained staff. After treatment look younger, less weight, less fat.

Justice A.K.Dwivedi & Neelam(Daughter) Designation

We find quietly place at Thonse Health Centre, service given by staff is excellently good and adorable, treatment given excludes medicine which is very good for health.

Mohammad Faisal P.P Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha

I was fortunate enough to visit Thonse Health Centre, which is one of the best in the country, the health centre is with all facilities which one should visit, all the very best for the future endeavors.