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"Health is

About Us

Get acquainted with our team and us, providing you excellent service in open natural beauty.

What We're All About

Thonse Nature cure Hospital at Thonse-Hoode is a marvelous and beautiful place where you would love to rediscover your mind, body, and soul. Service to humanity is the motto. It is the most cherished dream of the Chairman and Medical Director to see smiles on their patient’s faces.

Amidst the challanges

This project is a tribute to those mothers who care about their physically challenged child as a God’s gift, to those friends who value their friendship & to those wives who stand by their husband in all walks of life…..

Our Vision

Who We Are

"The beginning of the rest of your life and a bridge to health, hope & living."

At Thonse Naturecure, it is a journey back to nature with our humble service to prepare the platform as a therapeutic nature cure hospital amid lush green nature with all modern eco-friendly facilities.

Thonse Nature cure started its dream journey on the path of a healthy life, intending to achieve the health goal for all. We chose the way of natural medicine, which is preventive, curative and promotive, along with the harmonical rhythm of nature. At Thonse Nature cure, we have realized the truth – ‘nature heals, not medicines’. Hence it is our primary concern drawn toward natural medicine, which takes care of the body-mind illness. Nature cure or natural medicine is a healing system in conformity with the principles of nature on the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social planes of individual beings. Nature Cure is an indigenous holistic system of alternative, complementary medicine. The global medical scientists and doctors well accept it along with the beneficiary population with top popularity.

Meet our team

Dr. Shrutha Dayanand


Current Chief Medical Officer at Thonse Health Centre and...

Dr. Ajay Raj


Current Residential Medical Officer at Thonse Health Centre and...

Dr. Roshin C


Working as a Consultant in Thonse Health Centre and have..

Dr. Syma Suresh


Working for Thonse Health Centre as a Consultant and has..